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 When Both Boys Are On The Spectrum











(All Names Changed for Privacy)

Jerry and Tammy Banks struggled to parent their son with autism. Imagine their dismay upon the diagnosis of their second son, Bowen, with autism as well.


5-Year-Old Bowen would engage in tantrums, hit himself, avoid his parents, not pay attention to his parents, and refuse their instructions.


Jerry and Tammy were embarrassed to take Bowen out in public. The looks other parents gave them when Bowen would throw a tantrum or started hitting himself were just too much to handle. The grocery store, mall, restaurants, and movies became places Tammy wanted to avoid at all costs.


“We just can’t catch a break, can we?” said Tammy to Jerry as they watched both of their boys tantrum in public.


The Turning Point


Tammy and Jerry were referred to enroll in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy with my team. We put together a plan to help Bowen learn to communicate his needs and wants constructively, stop hurting himself, and interact appropriately with his parents.


Positive reinforcement, warm smiles, and high fives helped Bowen adapt to productive behaviors.


Bowen started to change. Tammy found that she could go to the grocery store, take Bowen to family events, and even take him on a flight without incident.


Bowen exhibits less aggression, throws fewer tantrums, and pays more attention to his parents.

Tammy and Jerry were so pleased with Bowen’s progress that they enrolled his older brother in therapy with us, too.



The Secret to Bowen’s Success


So, what was it that helped Bowen grow so quickly? How did he end up on a trajectory to live a much fuller and happier life?

One element is seeing each child as a holistic individual with their own strengths, weaknesses, and ways of communicating.

But the most important factor that helped Bowen is the fact that his parents took action and got the help they needed.

They appreciated that the longer you wait to get help, the longer it takes to help your child. They decided that they didn’t want to stall or delay or look into it “someday.”

Now look where Bowen is.



There’s Hope for Every Child

Imagine train tracks that stretch all the way to the horizon. If you alter the course of those train tracks just a couple of degrees, they will end up miles away from where they point now.

ABA therapy is about helping your child change direction now, so they end up at a totally different destination in the future.

By helping children with autism learn the communication, social, and life skills they need, we can help them live more independently for the rest of their lives.

There is hope for every child.













Now It’s Your Turn


Would you like to get help for your child? Our team of highly experienced professionals has many decades of combined experience helping kids with autism. 


We can look at ways to address whatever is on your mind, including:

  • Signs of autism

  • Helping you set up a diagnostic evaluation

  • Toileting issues

  • Temper tantrums

  • Social skills issues

  • Difficulty performing routines

  • Communication deficits

  • Self-injurious behavior

  • Eating difficulties

  • Academic challenges

  • And more…


Here’s What to do Next

Below there is a form you’ll need to fill out, and on the following page you’ll be asked to pick a time to schedule your session:

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