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One on One Therapy 

We offer one -on-one therapy and parent training, we strive to be the best at what we do.  Each of our therapists have been hand-selected by the owners of CABD and our Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Our Registered Behavior Technicians have a love and passion working with children diagnosed with Autism. 


Our goal is to offer therapists full-time hours, health benefits, PTO and retirement savings plan. This is important for therapists because they will have consistent hours and are not rotating between 4-5 children in one day. We want therapist who will work one on one with your child. This is important for families because you will have a consistent therapist for your child, in your home, with your supervision. 

In everything that we do, our guiding principle is to provide quality of services to you and your child. We want you to experience this from your first phone call with us. If you have concerns that your child is not meeting their developmental milestones or if your child has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, you will  find helpful and compassionate answers from experts in the field of ABA.


Our Clients


We offer services to children 18 months to 12 years

  • verbal communication skills

  • listening skills

  • social skills

  • repetitive behaviors 

  • obsessive behaviors 

  • coping skills 

  • play skills 

  • and have a wide range of deficits.


Families are amazed at how effective our interventions have been for their children. This is simply due to the fact that ABA is based upon scientific and experience-based principles that hold true to the motivation behind behavior.

Through ABA therapy, children will learn new skills such as communicating, socializing with peers, taking turns, demonstrating patience, and learning to be flexible if a change in their routine occurs. 

ABA is covered by insurance companies, your child may receive up to 40 hours of ABA .


Call for more information  972-806-1580

Happy Children


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